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Download ZIP ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Woodpunk is a Multiplayer Survival Horror Game in Early Access that has a hand-made graphics and sound. It’s a 3D game, yet more 2D than 3D. You take the role of an undercover agent in the city of Deadwood, where the mysterious murders of the law enforcement officers and citizens have recently begun to occur. Your investigation is hindered by the city’s rotten weather, and the way the citizens and residents react to you. You use many different weapons and gadgets to survive in the environment and the game. When you die, you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the area you were playing, while the bodies are passed to the criminal faction to kill you in the same way. Currently, you can choose to be Human or Deadwood Native.
The story of Woodpunk:
Woodpunk started way back in the summer of 2014 with a group of people who wanted to create their own game. It was very late at night, and we were also very tired, so we took a break, grabbed some beers, and started making a game together. Not much later, we realized that all of us have different professional qualifications. However, we decided to make something together anyway. Of course, we could not get into any prestigious universities or universities at all because we came from a completely different country and spoke almost no English. We only had one common factor: we all love to play video games. All the time that we spent on the game also served to polish each other’s skills.
Woodpunk is entirely made by professionals who study law and computer science on their spare time. Apart from these professions, we also come from various parts of the world: Afghanistan, Vietnam, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, UK, Japan, Germany, Russia, and many more.
The Environment of Woodpunk:

Deadwood is a city that has been completely destroyed.

You can see the remnants of the city that was once called the Nevada City.

The zones in the outskirts of Deadwood are still preserved and untouched.

The complete destruction of the city gives you a sense of mystery. You need to explore and search every corner and nook to find out who and what destroyed the place. The more time you spend on the city, the more you will be able to find out.

What is possible in Woodpunk:

Woodpunk is a mixture of various genres, such as Survival Horror, RPG, and many more.

In Wood


Download ZIP ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIP ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Expand to ambitiously create vivid fantasy stories.
  • Raw rich and beautiful graphics.
  • Procedurally generated worlds.
  • Diversified roles
  • Intense action and deep role-playing experience.
  • Gorgeous world maps and graphics.


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The Oracle has chosen you!
You are the Hero of Legend. You are a God of Thunder, lightning, and fire. You are the god of mighty might, speed, and fury. You are the world’s savior and protector. To become the Hero of Legend, you need to defeat the Goddess of Darkness, and her minions.
Heroes have a destiny. Can you fulfill it?
Download Legend of Orion: Adventure for free now!
– Create your own Dungeons with different aspects like lighting, weapons, or spells.
– Loot treasures and combat enemies while discovering the dungeon.
– Choose your character type between the warrior, mage, archer, or thief.
– Customize your characters.
– Build your character and choose a different class.
– Tons of different monsters to fight on your way.
– Upgrade your gear.
– Create your character with different armor.
– Find dungeons created by others, or create your own with different, unique aspects, or make it a completely different dungeon.
– Play with your friends in 2 or 4 player local multiplayer!
– Play in different modes like story, survival, fight, and so on.
– Story mode follows a sequence of different dungeons.
– You can choose different characters for each of the dungeons.
– Survival mode puts you in a battle for the longest time, where you have to avoid the monsters and live as long as possible.
– Fight mode will put you in a completely different type of gameplay, where you will have to fight against your opponents and try to kill them.
– Each dungeon can be played in 2 or 4 player.
– Every dungeon has an AI version, making the player-versus-player more fun.
– There are 3 different game modes.
– Story mode.
– Survival.
– Fight.
Download Legend of Orion: Adventure for free now and enjoy the endless replayability, with the reward system.
An endless campaign can be played endlessly.
Regular items are not required.
And you can get the different items the harder you play.
Create and send your dungeon to everyone, and make a ladder of loot.
Improve your items with the mining system!
Download Legend of Orion: Adventure for free now and earn items as you play, and improve your progress in the game.
Install now and get the best gifts.
The Legend of Orion


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(Please note that the patch for Ms. Holmes is not included in this package and so cannot be downloaded alongside the game.)1. Unrar.2. Mount or extract the downloaded file(s).3. Run “Ms. Holmes: The Adventure of the McKirk Ritual”.4. Enjoy the game.
Thank you for downloading Ms. Holmes: The Adventure of the McKirk Ritual and hope you enjoy the game.
Note: If the game is not working on your PC, please contact us and we will try to help.
How to Play:
Use the mouse to find all the hidden objects and to click on them in the correct order to complete the tasks. If an object is blocked from view, zoom in to it.FROM buildpack-deps:stretch-buildpack-legacy as buildpack

RUN # Install ruby and gems

RUN apt-get install -y python-software-properties \
python-software-properties-common \
ruby-dev \
ruby-mini-shared-irb \
ruby-mini-shared-irb-perl \
gem builddep \
unzip \
wget \
curl \


What’s new in Unhack:

    Viscera Cleanup Detail is a first-person horror game in which the player takes on the role of Greg Castle, who decides to investigate a missing girl case in an abandoned cemetery. Greg goes through the game with three other investigators, all of whom disagree with Greg’s methods.

    The game was created by Matt Gilgenbach and developed and published by Ironclad Entertainment. It is set to release on 26 March 2017 for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


    The game takes place in New York City, in which the plot focuses around the disappearance of a young girl, Jenna Timm.

    The player is able to play through the game in any order. The story follows three characters as they go through the game, experiencing different situations in order to learn more about a possible murderer living in a nearby neighborhood. The first playable character is Greg Castle, an American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent. He is partnered with Nick Scrima, a forensic specialist, and Josh Lawrence, a medical examiner with the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office.

    The three real life investigators are tasked with visiting a cemetery on the South Bronx where Jenna’s mother, Lois Timm, is buried after being shot and killed by a manhunt on December 20, 2013. The three of them start investigating the case by making trips to the cemetery, as well as the areas around it. The bulk of the game is spent in the cemetery, with optional exploration elements in other locations.

    The hospital in which all three characters visit is never named. It is referred to by several different names, as well as by several different locations. Only the room to which Greg is brought after being shot, as well as Greg and Nick in the car that brought them there, hint at its location.


    Viscera Cleanup Detail is an interactive first-person horror game. The player controls a character through the game and must find clues to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, while at the same time revealing details about the history of the area. The game does not feature any choices in which to proceed through the story, as the player only has freedom of movement and actions. From the start of the game, the player has the option of choosing a character to play as.

    The story of the game is presented through a limited dialogue system. As the story advances, the player interacts with characters by sending text messages to them in any order through text on a cell phone or a


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    * Formidable foes!
    – The only way to restore the magic of the spirits is to defeat the invading Samurai Army!
    * Playable characters!
    – Your ninja is stealthy, swift and eager to solve all your puzzles!
    * Unlockable items!
    – Six playable characters with unique properties, three more characters and even over a dozen hidden items to uncover!
    * Multiple difficulty levels and a “fair-game” option!
    – Get challenging! Balance the difficulty of the game to match your own skill level!
    * Hardcore stealth action!
    – Sneak past enemies without killing them and use environmental obstacles to your advantage in a traditional stealth game!
    * Kinect Support!
    – Use the power of your voice in specially recorded missions — form a plan together with your partner and discover how it feels to be a ninja!
    * Kinect On-Screen!
    – Watch your shadows, harken the beats of the music and locate threats with Kinect’s camera!
    * Hidden Content!
    – Play as a Hamako, the goddess of the wind! Her magic ability can help you dodge enemy attacks, while you can also use the wind to blow enemies away!
    If you like what you see and are interested in Sneaky Ninja, please check out the Humble Ninja Bundle for an additional 30% discount and more!

    Cappy is finally coming out of retirement to kick ass and save the world again. Now, free of the tyranny of her old world, she will reclaim her mantle as Oracle and bring her secret family of Gypsy warriors into the world’s light for the first time! Sure, it won’t be easy. Cappy is facing resistance from the cursed Vampyre Order, the machinations of Humanity West, and even the inner workings of her own organization. But when push comes to shove, there’s no one more prepared for battle than Cappy’s Gypsy children. So step aside, old ways! Cappy’s about to make a triumphant return!
    – Total conversion of the original game by the developers of Beyond Zork: Grand Inquisitor
    – Direct control of Cappy with mouse and keyboard
    – Completely re-imagined version, featuring dramatically improved graphics, lighting and animation
    – Full voice acting
    – Dozens of modernized graphics features, including full support for stereoscopic 3D on PC
    – Many new character models, effects, weapons and gameplay features
    – A brand-new original score, reminiscent of Cappy’s premiere
    – High resolution


    How To Crack Unhack:

  • 1. Extract the game to any folder
  • 2. Run the game using reg.exe
  • 3. Select Install
  • 4. When the installation starts Press START Button then NTOREC key and check the box Sign and Finish the installation. Then OK Button
  • 5. Your Tranquil Garden Activated! Enjoy it on your PC!


QT 5, centering CSS3 menu with JavaScript

I’m using this amazing css code

on the official website to design a side menu for my website. I cannot for the life of me get the menu to center, the horizontal aspect is fine. It appears to be correctly linking to the style sheet or the HTML because the CSS works perfectly, if i print the CSS style out to an HTML file, it prints fine too, for reference here is the code i’m using :

body {
background-color: #12346a;
#menu ul {
list-style-type: none;
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
height: 400px;
#menu ul {
width: 150px;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
border: 1px solid #0b0a0a;
border-right: none;
border-top-left-radius: 0px;
#menu li {
display: inline;
#menu a {
display: block;
padding: 10px;
text-decoration: none;
text-align: center;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-size: 14px;
#menu a:hover {
background: #0b0a0a;
color: #fff;
#menu ul a {
width: 75px;
height: 75px;

System Requirements:

Note: This mod is for MMP – not PVP – and can make the game unplayable. However, it is recommended that you play with the recommended settings.
Recommended: High-End PC (1680×1050 resolution)
Minimum: Core i3 (2.3 GHz) / Intel HD4000
Feature Highlights:
Features a wide selection of new weapons and mods for the entire arsenal.
Modify and improve weapon stats for all classes.
Puts a unique and balanced twist on


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