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Diarios De La Calle Libro Pdf 29

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Just a couple of days ago I was reading an article about how Hillary Clinton was cheated out of the White House. The article begins, “Democrats hope to end nearly four decades of Republican rule by the simple means of returning their candidate to the White House. They lost to him twice, and now they are determined to regain the power that goes with that loss.”

When I read this, I had the immediate thought that Hillary really is the most evil person to ever grace this earth, and the Democrats truly need to get rid of her. Well, with the recent influx of illegal aliens into our country, I rethought that.

So when I read this, I began to really think about the Democrat Party, and what exactly they want. They want the Hispanic vote.

Let me tell you, if I was Hispanic and I saw and heard this country’s leaders talking about me and my people, I’d be very upset. I’d be so angry that I wouldn’t be concerned with them or what they say anymore.

The Hispanics I know want more than just to be equal. They want to be first, just like the British, French, Russians, and Americans. They want the United States to be their country, not just a place for them to live. These Hispanic immigrants are not just going to sit back and take what they can get.

The Democrats want these newcomers to become what they are, and that’s to become Americans. They’ve been spending their time and money to buy off the Hispanic vote, and they’re going to use that same money to buy off the other Hispanic groups, and more.

They want to get their people into the government and, of course, the Democrats want power. With all the different groups’ votes they could get, they could turn this country completely into a third-world country.

The Hispanic immigrants are not new to this country. They were here

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