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Connectify Pro Serial Key ❗


Connectify Pro Serial Key

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Getting access to tag for a specific iphone app?

I am trying to understand how to get access to the Facebook API for a specific iPhone app.
I have the OAuth access code. I’ve also the app ID and the secret. I have the API access to my appID, but I’m unclear on how to get access to the application tag which is the only thing different about all of the apps. I can’t just have access to my app ID, right?
The API is a web based API.


Ah I figured it out. If you go to the API page for the Facebook API, on the right column there is a link to the page you need to sign up for –

Once you sign up, you are emailed instructions on how to authorize the application for certain permissions. They explain this point in the documentation.
the section you’re looking for is here


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I’m currently having a problem with the MessageBox.Show function.
Here is my code:
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