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Wolfgang Metternich (born 29 October 1939 in Berlin) is a German historical writer, a former politician and politician from the CDU party and politician, who served in the Bundestag between 1966 and 1969.

Metternich studied law and history at the Universities of Mainz and Munich. He passed his legal practice examination in 1962. He worked as a legal adviser at the Berlin Institut für Kulturpolitik.

From 1963, Metternich worked as an adviser to the Federal Ministry of Science and Education, after having taken part in the drafting of the “Efficiency Act” of 17 June 1966.

From 1969 to 1972 Metternich was a member of the Berlin House of Representatives (Bezirksausschuss Berlin-Charlottenburg), where he was responsible for the internal policy of the CDU/CSU Berlin (party). From 1972 to 1987 he was a civil servant at the Ministry of the Interior. In 1987 he was elected to the Bundestag (German Parliament) and from 1988 to 1994 he was the chairman of the Bundestag’s internal parliamentary affairs committee.

He is the son of Karl Metternich and Dorothea Metternich, née Radtke (1894–1977).

Wolfgang Metternich, Auf der Suche nach der Zukunft. Erinnerungen und Reflexionen, Berlin 1994,
Wolfgang Metternich, Solidarität durch Solidaritätsgedanke. Diskurs und Erinnerungen, Berlin 1991,
Wolfgang Metternich, Aus der Wiege des neuen Rechts. Die Rückführung von den Rückführungsgesetzen zur Diskussion, Berlin 1990,
Wolfgang Metternich, Demografie und Integration. Soziale Rückführung und politische Notwendigkeiten, Frankfurt am Main 1982,
Wolfgang Metternich, Die deutsche nationale Identität. Zur Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Sprache und zur Ideologie der Gegenwart, Frankfurt am Main 1987,
Wolfgang Metternich,

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