Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition Pdf Free Download – [Extra Quality]

Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition Pdf Free Download – [Extra Quality]



Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition Pdf Free Download –

Download Free of Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition in PDF Format!

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Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition

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Welcome To Buy Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition 

Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition PDF Free Download 

Description Of Kumar And Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition

Steven S. R. Kumar and Susan D. Clark,

Welcome to the ninth edition of the most complete clinical approach to the evaluation and management of illness. An integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of disease is at the heart of this text, which provides practical guidance based on clinical presentations in an individual, family, or public health setting.. A complete review of the cardiovascular system, with emphasis on cardiopulmonary physiology, is used to guide discussions of the pathophysiology and diagnosis of most disorders that affect the cardiovascular system.. Clinical management is based on recognition of the categories of illness, with emphasis on certain knowledge of pathophysiology in order to generate specific clinical. Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine 9th Edition has been carefully selected by a team of junior doctors, emphasising only the topics that will be of value for learning medicine.. Working with both written and visual material, this 9th edition of Clinical Medicine is ideal for CME credit for all undergraduates in medicine, or for those preparing for the USMLE Step 1 CK. Wherever possible, relevant content is accompanied by clinical scenarios to illustrate and stimulate student understanding of its clinical application. New chapters cover:.. Pediatric illness.. Emergency Medicine.. Critical Care Medicine.. Psychiatry.. Surgery.. Surgery for Women and Girls… Pathology.. Immunology.. Laboratory Medicine.. Toxicology.. Neurosciences.. Biochemistry.. Physiology.. Biomechanics… Public Health.. Cases in Clinical Medicine: – Ophthalmology – Paediatrics – Cardiology – Emergency Medicine – Geriatrics – Aesthetic Surgery – Psychiatry – Musculoskeletal Medicine – Dermatology – Otorhinolaryngology – Surgery for Women and Girls The ninth edition of this best-selling textbook of clinical medicine builds even further on the strengths of previous editions. This new edition of Clinical Medicine

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map-reduce over an array of values

I have an array of values that I would like to map reduce over, {

however, the above will not work, categories is an array of objects, so i tried to do this {
}, function(category) {

This works, but i’m getting a weird data set. I would like to get a data set like this

The reason for this is because I want to combine the name-value into a single array, i’m not sure if I can combine them into an array in Javascript


You can do this in a single map function, which emits an object, like this: {
var mapResult = {};
mapResult[] =;

If you really need an array, try this: {
var name, value;
name =;
value =;
emit(name, value);

Then, in your reduce function you simply have
function reduce(key, values) {
var final = [];
values.forEach(function(value) {

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