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Eoghan: i’m a little confused, i thought it meant you have had your password in that email… If you’re thinking I was talking to you about using a virus to steal money, I know nothing about it.
This is not a pirated copy of the book. I was completely aware of what this post was about when I wrote it, and I agree with everything in it, but the book is from Amazon, which you can buy a legit copy of if you wish.
Daron: so would you like to make a deal with me?
Abbie: what kind of deal?
Daron: if I don’t give you the password to my public git repo, then you won’t have to beg for the time to deal with the spam in your email box – I promise there won’t be any illegal downloads on my site.
Daron: it’ll probably help me out a bit too.
Daron: (in your private git repo)
Daron: (the key files)

If it takes me more than a minute to sign up to ask for money, it’s safe to assume that I’m not going to be taking your money, no matter how attractive your website or claims.
There are a lot of scammers out there, and once I’ve turned down one, I know I’ve turned down the vast majority of them.

COPE represents, in writing, a kind of rage, one that I’m not ashamed of. I couldn’t care less whether other people admire or disapprove of what I’ve put down.

Hang on for a minute.

What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul?

Again, thank you.

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B.C. Premier Christy Clark‘s Liberal government has an up-to-date, updated plan for how it will end the practice of providing a guaranteed income for low-income seniors and people with disabilities in the province.

Clark said the plan, which comes after a meeting of her cabinet on Tuesday, will be presented to B.C.’s Supreme Court on Wednesday.

WATCH: BC Supreme Court seeks injunction against federal income tax changes

2:33 BC Supreme Court seeks injunction against federal income tax changes BC Supreme Court seeks injunction against federal income tax changes

“It’s always good for people to know what the plan is,” she said.

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Finance Minister Mike de Jong did not answer questions about the plan, but said in a statement that the government has a responsibility to ensure that people are supported.

“This will help ensure people are able to live with dignity in the communities they call home,” he said.

The principle of a guaranteed income — provided by the province’s seniors assistance and disability support programs — has been a key demand of the B.C. Coalition of Community Legal Centres.

READ MORE: B.C. residents may be without guaranteed income for lifetime if court challenge fails

Spokesman Tony Hardie said in a statement the new plan “would be a disaster for seniors and people with disabilities” that could lead to poverty.

“The government’s plan to abolish the guaranteed income for seniors and people with disabilities … would force people to find work with no income protection and make it impossible to even consider finding a