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FINAL FANTASY XV is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. It was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on March 6, 2016, and for PlayStation 3 and Xbox One on March 20, 2016. It is the fifteenth installment in the main entry of the Final Fantasy series and is the first installment in the Final Fantasy XV sub-series, The Final Fantasy XV is the first game to feature an in-game story mode with branching plot routes and realistic time travel mechanics.

This game was created specifically for the next generation of consoles and contains the new features of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, such as cross-play and HDR, plus increased graphical fidelity and 4K resolution. It also marks a shift in the Final Fantasy series as it features more open world exploration and the game’s story revolves around three different protagonists instead of a single character as previously.

Set in a fictional town called Cocoon, the world of Final Fantasy XV takes place a few years after the destructive events of Final Fantasy XIII. The society of Cocoon is a metropolis divided between the human dominated Upper Decks and the elf dominated Nobodies. The War of Genesis is fought by the two sides and in Final Fantasy XV, as the game begins, the main protagonist, Noctis, awakens after sleeping for a century. He is sent on a quest to find his five comrades that were kidnapped by mysterious monsters called the Balamb Garden nearly a century ago. The main antagonist of the game is the Skeleton King who is an undead form of the real final fantasy series character, Cecil Harvey.

The player controls the three heroes, Noctis, Prompto, and Ignis as they venture through the world of Final Fantasy XV. The game is divided into chapters, each narrated by one of the characters, and while chapters begin with the main three protagonists exploring the game world, a second playable character, named Gordeau, can be introduced later by the player.

The main protagonists are given the power to fight and use superweapons on-the-go. The first superweapon that the player learns to use

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