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If you want to be parsing something within a JS string, you will have to use either some sort of web browser, or a program which can access the DOM.
You could use the StackExchange Bot to make web requests, apropos of course to any logic about what page they are on.
For something from a node.js application, I’d recommend using a library for traversing a JS object, such as cheerio.


Templating website with Bootstrap

I need a help in creating a website template, the idea is that the page is a grid of containers so that the user can add each elements he wants. I’d like the user to be able to edit and add content so if I add (i.e. create/edit content) content and save, I want that content to be available in the same place.
Example of the idea, as you can see, I have added a picture and when I save I’d like that picture also to be saved. I like the idea of using Bootstrap so I can edit and add the content in a editable content area.


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