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Man made disaster as the wind becomes the unkindest man to the poor

Fri September 7 2016

It’s currently summer, and while we all know what a real tornado is, one of the things we all love about the weather is the great clarity of explanation it gives us. The weather when it’s telling us something is easy to understand because it’s clearly spelled out. Once you understand it, you can learn from it, and predict it, which is something that is lacking in all too many other things.

When I was a child, school used to have a science lesson on tornadoes. Students were shown clips from actual tornadoes, which was a very good way to explain what a tornado is, and the effects it has. The first time I was ever in a tornado, I was in my mid-twenties. I’d never been to Kansas before, and did not understand why anyone lived there. There were big, scary black things whizzing around, and the wind was blowing them sideways. Once you see a tornado, it does look scary, and is a mystery to the viewer. It’s not as simple as “there goes the hood”. You wonder where it is going. It’s a child’s nightmare.

That is now the same state I live in.

The main difference between the two views is “of course you can’t see tornadoes from the ground”. The new view is that tornadoes are not visible, and that the damage from them is invisible, the eye of the hurricane of destruction. Or as my daughter says it, the eye is not on the outside, but in the middle of the storm.

While I quite like that idea, it does not work in at least two ways.

Firstly, I have seen my fair share of storms at sea. Not at sea level, but in the ocean proper. I’m in tropical waters most of the time, and we have had storms come in off the Pacific a fair bit. Usually they don’t come to land. The energy of the storm is so big that the air is deflected upwards before it lands. This is primarily when the storm is a cyclone. Cyclone is the technical term, and quite often refers to a low pressure

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The Pilbara cricetinids, or dwarf cricetinid marsupials, are small marsupial mammals, the smallest of which are the Frey’s tinkerpad (Macropus polyphagus) of Australia. The other member of the group is the desert kangaroo (Pseudocheirus peregrinus).

Unlike other marsupials, the cricetid marsupial has convergent development, in which young animals superficially resemble eutherians. Pilbara cricetins are carnivorous, and have thick armoured skin and round shaped teeth, and a tendency to live in burrows in loose sandy soil.


Category:Taxa named by Sir Frederick McCoy
Category:Mammal taxonomyQ:

How to remove all invisible characters from a specific text file

I have a text file which has some junk characters and doesn’t print anything on console when the file is opened through an editor.
The data in the file is as below

” 1 3 2 1

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