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How to handle Accept-Language header dynamically, in.NET?

There is a situation where I need to accept the request from browser, form the URL and I need to accept the Accept-Language header.
I have added a element and it works fine for one language (IIS7). But in some sites, I need to accept multiple languages from the Accept-Language header for the same URL (set by the user via the browser).
Any ideas how to dynamically add the element for multiple languages?


This is what worked for me:
public class HttpRuntime : IDispatchMessageFormatter
string formatMessage(System.Net.HttpStatusCode statusCode, string contentType)
return $””;

public IDispatch MessageDispatch
get { return m_httpContext.Response.Filter; }

public System.Web.HttpContext m_httpContext { get; set; }

public void Initialize(System.Web.HttpApplication application)
m_httpContext = application.Context;

The parsing code looks like this:
public override string FormatMessage(System.Net.HttpStatusCode statusCode, string contentType)
string payload = m_httpContext.Request.Form.Where(x => x.Accept == contentType).FirstOrDefault();
if (payload!= null)
HttpRequest request = m_httpContext.Request;
if (request.QueryString[“lang”]!= null)
string langString = request.QueryString[“lang”].ToString();
if (!string.IsNullOr