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Comments & Reviews

Ada (9/30/2012)

Yup, it is working flawlessly.

Rayne (1/22/2014)


Hai (1/26/2012)

Good work.

Pawel (3/7/2013)

Thank You

cameron (1/13/2012)

Thank you for the GREAT work!

jake (1/21/2012)

it’s awesome

randy (1/16/2012)

Thanks for these files!

jimmyjames (4/19/2012)

Hi – I just installed this program and a note of caution from the developer (just to save you time): this software is not backwards compatible with the current version of iStylab so if you try to open files you previously stored and still have on your computer, they will not open. When you upgrade to the latest version (2.3) you will still have them, but after that, you will have to send the files over to the developer so they can start working on the new version of iStylab (beta) as they will not be able to open them. -jh

jh (9/15/2012)

have problems opening files

paul (12/15/2010)


sawny (4/8/2013)


Kate (4/8/2013)


zibek.o’ (1/14/2013)


Istilab 2.3 has a problem opening files from iBackup or other software. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?

I can copy to and from the file but I just can’t open it in the new version.

Sawy (4/12/2013)

i’m using windows 7, if you could give me a step by step installation guide, that would be great!

Philip (12/22/2013)

Installer has some issues in 64 bit Win 7

Joel (5/3/2013)

Talks about 64-bit Windows 7 and a 7.x patch.

yime (2/26/2014)

thanks a lot

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