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STYLE KORG PA 50 60 80 500 800 ROCK DANGDUT KOPLO 2011 SERArarThe dose calculation in 3D conformal radiotherapy using treatment planning systems: an analysis of anisotropy, homogeneity and additivity.
Dose calculations with treatment planning systems (TPSs) are based on the assumption that dose is homogeneous, i.e. only additivity of dose is taken into account. However, the dose calculated by TPSs in the presence of anisotropy is not available in the literature. This study is performed to evaluate the dose distributions from a square field and a rectangular field in the presence of anisotropy in clinical situations with different MLC leaf openings. The dose calculations are done using the anisotropic superposition, with consideration of both scattered photons and electron energy packets. The results show that for a field size of 6×6 cm(2) the dose

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Some examples of the applications of this technology are the identification of mutations responsible for antibiotic resistance in some microorganisms, and the characterization of genomic alterations that may be important for the virulence of microorganisms. One of the most common approaches to identify DNA mutations is via PCR amplification and subcloning of the PCR products into a vector (e.g., laboratory plasmids, viral, or bacterial cloning vectors) and sequencing. However, this approach is slow, requires often considerable labor and expertise, and yields low amounts of DNA.
More recently, mass spectrometry has been applied to DNA sequencing, and some products generated via this technique have been reported (see, for example, Hill et al., Anal Chem. 2003, 75(9):3269-76; PCT/US07/052906; and U.S. Pat. No. 7,541,535 to McLuckey et al.). However, the current products generated via mass spectrometry are unsuitable for many applications. The current products are inefficient for many different reasons, including poor use of expensive reagents, lengthy, labor-intensive, and costly protocols, long run times, and cumbersome protocols for sample preparation.