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A Nigerian high court has remanded a 35-year-old sex attacker in prison for five more years, a ruling which was supported by the prosecutor.

The High Court of Kaduna in northern Nigeria sentenced the man in October last year after he confessed to sexual assault, rape, incest, killing a woman and another offence relating to “receiving stolen property”.

But he has been fighting the conviction since then, arguing, among other things, that he has “suffered” too much because of his treatment by the police during the investigation.

The court order says: “While entertaining the motion for a judgment of acquittal on the grounds that the accused is presumed innocent and not proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt, the court came to the conclusion that he suffered from the effects of alleged ill-treatment by the police as well as because he is a victim of false accusations.”

The judge says “it is of the essence that the rapist should serve his full sentence in prison,


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TapouT XT 2 Season 2 Torrent | Download. Tapout XT 2 is a Complete and Easy to Follow Training and Workout Program For Men and Women.
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