Yes, even when its a cracked version of a game, you will be able to download it. Since, some cracks are half-naked and other than that are not working, we are happy to offer it to our readers. It should be mentioned, that this is a site for searching and downloading cracked apps for android.

This is a site that users to download software for free and does so in great quantities. It used to be great, but is definitely on the decline in terms of software and platforms. You can get into issues with this site if you’re looking to use some paid software, but unless you have a specific reason you’re using an online platform, we suggest to just get the software from the developers.

This is an old website with an archive of the best software. Though, the site’s history is a little confusing, with the archive site appearing and disappearing throughout the years. With various people claiming ownership, we’ve just left it here, even though we’re not sure we can recommend this website any longer.

If you want to download every possible game on the internet, then Peerflix is for you. This website is the most non-restrictive one out there, allowing you to download everything from Wii, Android, PS3, Android, NES, Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy, PC, and more. Now it does have some streaming restrictions, but they are easily ignored.

This website isn’t for everyone, but it does offer some entertainment at the same time. This website was created to help share Bittorrents without having to download torrents from random websites. For example, you download an image file, right click it and click on the link that Bittorrent brought you too. At times it is less user-friendly than others, and it is not updated as frequently as others.