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Head over to . This site is especially useful for people who want to download their favorite games for free, but theyd like them on a local system. All you need to do is create an account and send them a message. 7forAll will tell you what their version of the game is, link you to the torrent, and provide some instructions on getting it working on your computer.

Perhaps one of the biggest fears of any gamer is theres a whole host of malware lurking on torrent sites. To make sure youre downloading clean releases of games, try an honest repack site. Repacks are basically a modified version of the game, but the developers had to replace the original files because of legal issues. Repacks are perfect for people who aren’t being tracked, because theyre fully clean. Here are some great options:

The Warez scene has its share of simple, dirty download sites. And while it still exists, a lot of people rightly consider it obsolete, and even illegal. Plus, piracy leads to developers losing out on potential revenue, and developers are always going to be putting their work out there to let people know how great their work is. However, you can be pretty sure anything you find on this site will run; and when there’s a file you want to work with, you can usually find a tutorial for how to get it and run it.

The site Miro claims to have a more comprehensive database than other sites. It also has a way to automatically update the database with new releases, which is nice. The site offers many free programs for all kinds of use, including entertainment, productivity, and utilities. Also, many of the programs are ad-supported, but there is a big list of ad-free programs, as well.


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