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TorrentSVN is one of the most popular websites to get torrents with sharing links. TorrentSVN is an awesome application that makes sharing links and torrents a pleasant experience. Some of the features of TorrentSVN include bookmarking functionality, advanced search, single-click torrents downloading, on-screen display for torrents, Multiple language support, etc.

Games are a delightful addition to life. We have been playing games from age of 5. Here we have compiled our best list of top websites to download cracked and full version games. We have included cracked versions that are manually checked to be safe as well as automatic check tools. You can download all the cracked games with a single click, i.e no extra software or plugins required.

Falcon or forest, whatever name you choose to call it, is one of the best personal privacy management software for Windows and Linux. It comes preloaded with a number of premium and free security products. You can access a number of features like firewall, antivirus, torrenting, private Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. If youre looking for a privacy software for Linux, Falcon is a good choice. Also, Falcon is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


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