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For instance, a legitimate website might allow you to download a series of small programs that install off an infected USB drive, or download a big program that executes when the computer reboots. But it won’t ask you if you have a malware scanner or antivirus program like a malware factory will. Sites that sell pirated software tend to make malware and installers very easy to obtain. That’s because they want to make the money on you, and not on the software.

Or, the company might ask you to have the software installed on your system, but the install is overly aggressive. For instance, they may want you to make a choice to open a window that they will launch after the install is finished or whatever. But the install will keep popping up, and in the case of an anti-virus program, will initiate the scan as it can’t be closed.

These kinds of stupid behaviors that are spread by malware factories are not acceptable by the software companies. That’s why you see things like AV bypass technology in new antivirus programs. But that can’t be the only way because legitimate companies make stupid mistakes. So, there must be a way to differentiate between legit programs and the others.

You may have noticed that not every website that sells pirated software allows you to download. All the ones I just mentioned will allow you to download once you’ve verified yourself or given them your logon credentials. And even if you enter your logon credentials, you still have to verify yourself and download manually. Some of the websites are awesome in that you can download normally, and after the download completes, the website lets you verify yourself. This does an amazing job of driving down the number of pirated software downloaders from their sites.


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