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I’m looking for a list of all the programs for the game “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on the Nintendo Switch. I know that some games on the Nintendo Switch have downloadable content or add-ons, but this is for all of the games on the Nintendo Switch, including special editions and physical copies. I’m looking for a list of the games and titles of each add-on or extra content so I can do it myself and play each bonus content on my Switch so I have them all. I’m interested in either English or Russian-speakers.

Hi, I’m looking for a way to get a free cracked version of Roblox for my kids. All of the options on their web site are either buy, catch or download. My kids think it’s a great game, and I’d like them to be able to play it for free. Any idea on how I can get it for them?

Hi, I’m trying to find an alternative to the software ‘Customer Bus Simulator’ which is not on your list. I’m looking for a vBAS for customer bus simulation. I have tried the software ‘Carrier Passenger Truck Simulator’, but it seems very buggy. Please help!!

I want to download a cracked version of Super Hexagon on my phone. I am using ios 5.1.1 on a xoom. I go to play, and there is a menu bar at the bottom of the game with a sound and video button. When I push either, the sound plays and the screen goes black. I have deleted and installed the app from my iphone, but it still does not work. Is it possible to get a cracked version of super hexagon for my iphone?

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