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None of the previous sites in our list offer a downloader with a great user interface. But here at ShareU, we include one of the best game torrenting features with our list of best sites where you can download cracked and full version of PC games.

Im here to introduce you to one of the best sites on the internet for free games and. Normally, I would recommend buying games and seeing if you can get the free demo. But, that isnt always possible, so Ive created a website called .

Wowzy is not only full of games for Windows and Android devices, but it also has a slew of Steam games, which of course we love. It actually has lots of games (it lists over 1,200 games on its site) and has a rating system to help you find which games you should download. And yes, I know its a bit broken, but you can always request a new database from the developers.

While Not a Game is full of small indie games that arent readily available on other sites. And some of them are even new releases (available now)! You will see how well-curated the site is by the sheer number of games on it. If a game isnt on the site, it probably wont be on the site any time soon. The site is also under development. So, if something is not working as expected, its because its currently broken. And those are the reasons why we recommend using Google Docs to handle game releases. You can also follow the @NotAGame twitter account for info, or check out its website for updates.

1. Ebook links direct to the book’s site, making it as easy as possible for you to search for that book you want to read right away, without going through several redirects. You’ll also see the author name, an Amazon book rank, and, if you’re lucky, the actual book description.

2. Here you’ll find the best deals for e-books available, sorted by price. You can also filter for multiple categories to find exactly what you need. The system supports multiple languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Malay, Hindi, and more, for a total of 26. You can always log in with your Amazon account to access your own purchasing history and Amazon Wish List.


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