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Since we said that the genre of books is huge, we would not be wrong if we categorize the sites that are functioning specifically for e-books. Rarbg is one of them. Although not one of the best, its popularity is quite high. Just like the previous sites, this site has good quality content and is easy to use.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites which allows users to download movies, software and gaming titles. The user interface and features of this site makes it easy to use. The list of supported torrent files is also great and the site is available in more than 170 languages making the site more user friendly. The site is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS users.

If you are willing to get hold of torrent files of movies, television shows, and games with a lightning speed, then H33tTorrents is your best bet. However, the site is not so easy to use; however, you can easily access the search box by clicking the search button in the top right corner of the site. The site is built on a small-scale, which makes it easy to navigate.

Torlocker is another excellent option for downloading games, movies and television shows. This site is popular among Windows and Mac users, and it has lots of torrent files for downloading. This site is built on a platform called Folders, which makes it easier to navigate.

RARBG has similar functions as the piratedbay except there are no copyright infringement laws in Chile. This is very different from many other torrent sites. In short, RARBG is a platform where you can search and download content. This site is search-friendly and has a great number of e-books and other types of content.


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