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Mar 1, 2555 BE – RazorDOX has released the “FIFA Manager 12” update.FIFA MANAGER 12 is the eleventh edition of the franchise, and offers over 700 . FIFA MANAGER 12 – MEGA MOD!!!
[2012] – YouTube …
12 Aug 2012 …
[2012] – YouTube.
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Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Official Gameplay Trailer – Duration: 1:52:16
FIFA Manager 12: all about FIFA Manager 12: codes, cheats, keys and more.
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FIFA 12 [Update 4] (2012) PC | Repack from Fenixx.
FIFA 12 [Update 4] (2012) PC | Repack from Fenixx.

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The answer is that the program is compiled in 32 bits but the size of each process memory block is 4 KiB. When a process hits the end of the execution buffer (due to the stack overflow) it performs a branch to an invalid address, crashing the whole virtual machine.
The simplest solution is to start compilation with 64 bit pointers instead of 32 bits (look for -m32 on gcc), or to change the return address offset to 4 KiB, or to pad the stack to 8 KiB.


See this SO answer. Basically you can’t do what you want in a process whose stack is a 4KiB allocation. That would be a rather large stack.

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