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02/06/2020 01:10

NCH MixPad 5.77 Crack Free Registration Code is one of the final platforms. OS: Windows/Mac; Category: Music Mixer;. Developer: NCH Software.. Activate your .Q:

How can I get rid of the script tag line breaks in an HTML string?

I have a variable with a lot of HTML code and I want to send a mail. I’m using Java and I want to send the HTML as an attachment.
Here is the code:
String html = “This is some text in a html file”;
Document document = Jsoup.parse(html);

//Create a content type header with the MIME type and a BINARY boundary
String header = “Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8\r
” +
“Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary\r
” +
“Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”text.html”\r
” +
“Content-ID: text.html\r
” +

ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
OutputStream outStream = out;
PrintWriter outWrite = new PrintWriter(outStream);
Writer writer = new StringWriter();
//Create a content writer
ContentWriter writer = new HTMLContentWriter(writer);
Document document = Jsoup.parse(header);“h1”).append(“”);

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