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Date and Time







The Centre for Independent Journalism will be hosting an event in Perth on December 2, 2018 with a panel of journalist and two local charity organisations.

Current and former journalists are invited to discuss current issues and trends in the industry, including fake news, union negotiations, online freedom of expression and the current rise of online abuse of journalists.

The panel also includes representatives from ANU Media Research Centre, and the National Union of Workers in the media.

The event will also be an opportunity to raise funds for the following organisations:

The National Union of Journalists WA The Women’s Electoral Lobby WA

To RSVP to the event please email or call 0427 933 216.Infection and cancer development are the main causes of about seven million deaths every year and it is estimated that the impact of these cancers and the infections is growing due to the population expansion and aging. Recent studies have pointed out that during these infections and cancers, dendritic cells (DCs) play a key role in the immunity and inflammation \[[@bib0005], [@bib0010], [@bib0015]\].

The immune system has been deeply studied during the past years and it is known that several inflammatory diseases or cancer may affect the immune system, from the origin of clinical signs to the immune system failure. The inflammatory diseases are characterized by an enormous production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) that contribute to the oxidative stress. ROS and RNS can react in the intracellular or extracellular compartments to destroy their targets. Although their reactivity is dependent on the nature of the ROS/RNS species, it is possible to measure their levels by evaluating the levels of some metabolites. The main metabolites of ROS and RNS that are usually evaluated are superoxide anion radical (O~2~•

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