Z Os Adcd 113 13 ##TOP##

Z Os Adcd 113 13 ##TOP##


Z Os Adcd 113 13

6 z/OS TCP/IP profiles are members of S0W1P and S0W2P in ADCD.Z113H.TCPPARMS. Don’t change them. 13 The QUIESCE and DOWN commands may not be needed. On Fig. 3.2 shows an example of an S0W1P file. 3.2 S0W1P file example 3.3 Example s0w1p file 14 If you have the QNX-KVM package installed on your system, then QNX-KVM can be included in the S0W1P file. If the QNX-KVM package is not installed, then the S0W1P file must be written using the standard QNX command set. The QNX commands in the next section are used to change the S0W1P setting that cannot be obtained using the S0W2P commands. QNX-KVM is installed with QNX-OS.


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