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Olá meus queridos, segue mais um vídeo, Fabricação do terceiro filho…. encontro no blog e deu a comida.
Sabe o que eu morreris, sabe o que eu quero e com os mim?
Comece uma unica
A sneak peek of a new series called Stylish and Stylish.
In this series I’ll be showing you some of my most favorite staples for the new season.
There will be a lot of fabrics and color combos, so stay tuned.
This week I’ve been doing a mix up of some of my favorite new
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We made it. It’s finally official. The New York Rangers are going to the 2012 NHL Playoffs. So what? This is the fourteenth year in a row that the Rangers are going to the playoffs. That’s quite the accomplishment, especially considering the 10-year anniversary of our first playoff appearance. The Washington Capitals are the favorites to win the Southeast Division. If they do, that would be our first playoff series win in 13 years (we won in 2003). So we’re dealing with a little bit of a letdown for this year. New York has been playing really well lately, but I don’t think they’re going to be able to keep it going. On the flip side, things could

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