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Comments: By some accounts, the name of the author of the Ikhwan al Safa is Ishraq Pashay. The Ikhwan al Safa is a Fatwa by Ahmed Ibn Ishaq Pasha, who belongs to the Ba’ath party and was a Sunni Muslim and friend of Muhammad al Subeih.
The first reference to the Ikhwan al Safa is given in the quote below where it is discussed in the context of the Spanish.
Ikhwan al Safa or the Group of Safa, is an early sixteenth century class of Hadith composed by.

The author of the Ikhwan al Safa was a Sunni scholar who died in Damascus, Syria in 1551 CE and is called Ahmad Ibn Ishaq Pasha al-Kurdi. He had studied and written the Ikhwan al Safa during the reign of Sultan al-Kazim (1518-1524). Under the Safavid dynasty, the Ikhwan al Safa continued to have a reputation as one of the.
Ikwan al safa is a hadith fatwa recited by Muhammad Asad in Tawhid. The hadith is included in Al-asali min atharih fi ma’rifat al-shahada where it is mentioned that it was narrated by Ahmad ibn Ishaq Pasha, son of Al-Sayyad al-Saba.
The author of the Ikwan al Safa and other hadith books written by Ahmad ibn Ishaq was the Persian Muslim scholar, scholar and mystic, Ahmad ibn Ishaq al-Safa’i al-Abi al-Khadir (died in Damascus 1608 or shortly thereafter).
He was originally from Khorassan, the region now known as Khorasan, in northern Iran. It has been suggested that al-

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