Kms Activator 1.4 Office 2010

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of the venom, and have a worse course of the disease.

The early symptoms to look out for are:

• Diarrhoea, and loss of appetite

• Muscle pain and swelling

• Abdominal pain and tenderness

• Urgent shortness of breath


Before people start with treatment they should talk to their doctor to see if they are eligible.

Treatment for a scorpion sting is only given by a doctor. They will give you antivenom.

Antivenom is an injection that contains antibodies to the toxins found in the scorpion’s venom.

The more time that passes between the sting and the antivenom, the better.

There are different types of antivenom, so it depends what type your doctor has available.

Antivenom is given one hour after the sting. It usually only takes a few minutes for the antivenom to work.

If someone is allergic to horses, you may also need to be treated with steroids.

Preventive Measures

• Avoid touching or picking up scorpions

• Get medical help immediately

• Make sure there are no scorpions in the house

• Scorpion venom can be very deadly

• Wearing gloves while gardening can help reduce the risk of being stung

You can find out more about scorpions and scorpion stings by visiting the following links: