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And then a link was added: Download Game Pad-And-Ultimate Edition for PC-Windows: S-F-P-C-L-O-J-E. ئン   Âン  Âン Ø¡  Âン  Âン. And it’s working! When I click that link, it downloads the package and allows me to extract it. Is it possible to get the ZIP or RAR files of this package, and extract it locally? A: Yes. Your error is that you were using the wrong program to extract this archive. You should use 7-zip instead of your current program, or 7-zip’s built-in archive repair tool to repair this archive. In the same week that the New York Times reveals how Wells Fargo, the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, turned a blind eye to billions of dollars in illegal sales to its customers, a reporter for the New York Daily News gets detained at a Swiss boarding school after trying to interview students about the nation’s banking crisis. The detention of Sivan “Siva” Kurian is the latest in a series of disturbing revelations about the mistreatment of news reporters and their sources, starting with the Times’ report Tuesday that the bank had authorized thousands of sales of mortgage mortgages to customers while steering its own sales staff away from the same customers. The Times’ reporting helped force the resignation of Wells’ chief executive, John G. Stumpf. On Thursday, the Daily News revealed that its own reporter, Alexis C. Madrigal, had been detained for more than eight hours at a boarding school in Switzerland because of a 2013 interview with a student there. That student, one of the more than 100 students interviewed by Madrigal, has links to the student loan industry, and Madrigal has been trying to talk to the same student for more than two years. That student, like others interviewed by the paper, has been extremely tight-lipped about his relationship to the private student loan industry, which has come under fire for inflating the costs of education. The Times’ treatment of its critics, including the media, was revealed in the context of a more general malaise that extends from the institutions at the heart of our problems to the people who find themselves at the core c6a93da74d

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