Pro-CarboComplex-CR is a protein sparing performance and recovery formula. It is especially for professional weight lifters, Weight trainers , bodybuilders and atheles,who burns lot of calories during workouts, but are unable to compensate for them sufficiently. Hence they have a tough time while getting good size of muscles. Progressive’s Pro-Carbo Complex-CR is the right choice for high quality Calories, which support protein synthesis and keep muscle protein catabolism under control. Without sufficient carbohydrates body cannot sustain the necessary workout duration required to break the growth barrier. If enough carbohydrate are available to the body, they have protein sparing effect, which helps in making more protein available for muscle building . Once in the body, carbohydrates are converted in to Glycogen, which is utilized and stored by muscles. Muscle fatigue during weight training is due to anabolic glycolysis, therefore carbohydrate supplements after and before workouts are extremely important to supply glycogen to the muscles.

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