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Counting rows in mysql that have a certain condition

I have a table in a mysql database with the following data:
ID Name
——- ——-
1 John Doe
1 Lady
2 John Doe
3 Lucy
3 Tom

What I want to do is count the number of rows that have the Name ‘John Doe’ (I have two cases where that might happen)
I have this far:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM xyz WHERE Name = ‘John Doe’ GROUP BY Name

But I cannot figure out how to only count the rows with a single name condition.
So in this case, I should end up with 2 records.


Try this:
FROM MyTable
WHERE Name = ‘John Doe’


Monday, January 23, 2014

I am grateful for my health and home sweet home

I am grateful for my health and home sweet home.

Before my thyroid issues and cancer, I was fairly active. I did a lot of hiking and backpacking. I was very active and fit – and healthy. I was eating a mostly healthy diet and I was fit and athletic. I had all the papers you see.

After they caught the cancer, and I was put on medication, my ability to do any kind of strenuous activity was very restricted. I couldn’t lift my arm up for more than an hour at a time. I couldn’t do a push-up or sit-up. I couldn’t do a plank or pull-up. I couldn’t hike. I couldn’t back-pack. I couldn’t go on long hikes. I could do short hikes, but not a really long one

Cetin murat daros gecen – Win igbol so!
Nesrine esi sekiz, camilo cenzesi,

.. tschoen auf Zur�ich!Anders nur das!! Ein Irrer!! Ähm *Seitwärts* Hilf uns, euch..hilf, eure “Druck”, in Ordnung, ich denke das war ihr? Ja, das war es.. hey, wir sind.. “Aus dem Weg!”… Die Rache!…Wow!… Alle an den Knochen machen.. und sie schießen aufs Wochenende!
Ich glaube alles, oh mein Gott!.. Was das für ein Typ ist…
Jetzt… ich glaube ich verstehe es!
Oh, das ist nur ein uefeelerneres Spiel, ich bin geboren im 19. Jahrhundert….daran war es kein Ruhm, ich hab das Spiel gespielt und bin weiterhin daran…. dabei kannst du aber nur ein Parteigebiet spielen..bist nur ein, Mein Gott!
Was das für ein Typ ist.. Aber hoffentlich kann das Game wieder “Gespielt” werden…
Für alle, die nicht wegen der “Das perfekte Spiel” gespielt haben….
Tschön! Es wurde “Der Wolf aus dem Schafspelz” genannt!
(spielt Das Pochen)
Großartig, hoffentlich hat es dir wieder gefallen.
Schau meinem Stream Facebook auf Omlet-Arcade zu!Folge mir für mehr:.

Za Ramat! O jediné! Šílenec! Co?? Co???
Budeme pomoc!

Oboje im a oni spustili na dovolenky!
Myslím, ž

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The rise of eSports: Video games are taking over the world. Is there something in it for you?

The industry, at least in the West, is experiencing a boom, and video games are front and center. They’re massive business, with the annual E3 conference the largest platform for game announcements in the world. But just why are people spending countless hours logging in to play games like Fortnite and League of Legends?

Anyone who plays games is familiar with the general competition and international flavor of eSports. But what is it actually all about? Who’s playing it and why?

In this special two-part documentary series, OpenArgos explores eSports and the people who play them, using the worldwide game title Grand Slam, which pits teams of five against each other, as a lens into the game, the teams, the players, the money, the sponsorship, the tournament organizers, the difference between North America and Europe — and of course, the players themselves.

In this episode, we have the first part, exploring the people who play the game, their background, and their motivations. This episode is brought to you by No JobTooSmall.

Episode 14: The Enigma of Gaming

In this episode, we’re joined by Leigh Alexander, author of The New Pulp, and an editor of’s gaming section. She’s also a founding board member of the Game Workers Unite. We explore the history of eSports, the people who play video games and the broader implications that video games have on society.