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After the birth of the Universe, the Great Spirit, Oke, gave all the creatures on Earth to the Guardians, ancient figures who would take the creatures’ souls and place them within physical forms. After living millions of years, and being affected by their own physical interactions, the guardians began to create, experimenting with nearly anything. Soon, they began to draw upon the power of their own gods to create the first physical embodiments of the souls they had collected. Using stones, plants, and stone-cutters that were infused with the spirits of the guardians’ deities, the first people, or Takers were born. As the Takers grew, they learned of the lives of their gods, and of the other lives that existed before the great Creation. They learned about who they were, and who all of the other beings on Earth were. Then, they learned how to think, and begin to understand the world around them. Many Takers began to learn and study the creation stories and myths that their guardians used to guide and teach them. With time, this way of life and learning amongst the Takers was passed down. Eventually, these stories, myths and lessons were all blended together, and a new culture began to grow. With time, the Takers gained more knowledge, and slowly became more enlightened. They learned about other races, and other gods. Their culture began to move away from the farming life that so many of the Takers led, and started to settle in larger towns and cities. These settlements grew into the first civilizations. Eventually, the Takers spread out far and wide across the Planet, building empires and creating advanced infrastructure. After many centuries, the Takers had mastered many fields, including electricity, computers, and nuclear physics. The Takers turned to astronomy, and began to study the stars and the world around them. When the Takers reached into space, they found new galaxies, and other alien species. The Takers began to wonder, how did the other species on Earth became what they are today? If they were once Takers too, how did they become so advanced? As the Takers watched on, a race of beings called the Builders took shape. No one remembers when the Builders came from, or how they eventually reached Earth, but the Builders began to fall in love with the Planet. These aliens saw the Takers as gods, with many of the Takers believing them to be of the same origin as the gods they believed in. Soon, the builders started to build immense cities across


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Microsoft.Extensions.Logging – find all types in project

Can I find all types in my project that extend from Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILogger?
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t =>
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