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Lescontin (Occitan: l’Esgrascon) is a commune in the Aude department in the Occitanie region of southern France.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Lescontins or Lescontinois

Lescontin is located some 10 km north of Quillan and 20 km west by south-west of Mont-de-Marsan and 35 km east by north-east of Avignon. Access to the commune is by the D130 road which comes from Saint-Barthélemy-Montolieu in the north and continues south-east to Saint-Denis-du-Mont. There are also the D45 and the D10 roads which join from the D35 which runs from Saint-Barthélemy-Montolieu to Saint-Léger-de-Lacqueulme in the west. The D142 road from Saint-Denis-du-Mont to Saint-Martin-de-Lacqueulme passes through the commune and there is also the D102 road which comes from La Roque-Gageac. There are also the D85 and the D77 roads, which come from Saint-Léger-de-Lacqueulme to the village. The A50 autoroute passes to the east of the commune.

The Lignon river forms the south-western border of the commune and a number of streams rise in the commune and flow south to join the Lignon. The Petite Chappelle stream rises in the commune and flows north to join the Lignon.

Neighbouring communes and villages

The village name comes from the Lescontius family.


List of mayors

(Not all data is known)


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