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Roblox is a free game platform where users create games using the block-based game editor, called the “Roblox Studio”.

Players can create their own games or join games created by other players. When playing on Roblox, players use in-game currency, Robux, to purchase game elements like game characters, objects, and gamelogs. These game elements can be used to customize games. The game can be played on any device that supports the Roblox client, a free software program developed by the Roblox Corporation.

Originally released in 2006 as a game development tool called Roblox Studio, the platform has been designed to be used by children. It features sandbox, educational, creative, social, competitive, and collaborative gameplay.

Roblox has been used by over 200 million users worldwide, some as young as eight years old. Roblox’s success lies in the fact that it offers the ability for users to create a game for free, as well as the free Robux and Roblox software itself. Roblox can be accessed on any platform, including Facebook, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Roblox was incorporated on February 7, 2010, and began to hire employees on September 7, 2010. On August 15, 2012, Roblox had reached its milestone of 10 million active users, a figure that had increased by over 200% by March 2014. In August 2014, the company announced it had reached 100 million registered users. In January 2015, it was announced that Roblox had surpassed 150 million registered users.[2] It was also in 2015 when Roblox reached 5.6 million active advertisers, some of whom were earning $2,500 per month.

The company has been described as being primarily for children with over 95% of users being between the ages of 5 and 14.[3] The Age Filter system allows parents to control what games their children can play on the platform.[4] Roblox has been criticized for allowing children to create games with violent themes, such as bullying, without properly moderating the content in the games that they publish. In response to this criticism, the company has stated that it requires developers to go through a process of review before being allowed to publish their games.[5] The company has also banned hundreds of users from the service for these types of content.[6]

In 2014, Roblox spent a reported $3 million advertising the new Creativity Studios division


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In-game Player Tips

Buy coins with real money to make your robux almost indefinite. Each robux comes with stats. By spending coins on food you can trade them in for custom avatar items. Admins can require you to buy food, but you can only eat once per day. Eggs are your best bet in trying to become fat. You can buy more robux with fake robux from special promotions. If you can find these promotions cheat codes, they make the game much more fun and accessible. There’s an all out VS battle mode.


In-game Player Tips

Three-syllable easter eggs:

Open cheat sheet for more details and cheats.

Aim at your feet and hold the shoot button for the character to kick up in the air.

Red Light Special:

Hold down the shoot button and select aim at feet option. The character will jump then turn on his light.

No special tips for these missions. To avoid team death enemies take care of smaller group of enemies first.

Mission 1: Grubby Green Land

Reward: Pigtron 3000, dog airship, two new weapons

Kill all zombies, then enemy fighters as soon as they spawn.

Use the dog airship to get a head start. You will also gain immunity to zombies.

Alternative tactics: If you have a group of fighters wait until they are holding a zombie in the air and then jump over him and attack.

Aim and make sure that the enemies are in the yellow circles. The bigger the circle, the faster the enemy.

There are many hidden zombie eggs. The heroes can find them by standing in front of the green egg, right click and enter the “Find Hidden Zombie Eggs” option. The shadow of the green egg will turn blue. Look between the two shadow lines and open it to reveal a hidden zombie egg. Note that the shadow isn’t to scale; it may appear the same size in the game but you can also find them in some levels when they are out of view.

Once you grab the egg all the enemies behind you will be stunned for a few seconds. You can move and fight them easily.

There is a special kill. After the first fight against the T-Mushroom monsters (who look like parrots) you have to kill all the four of them with your pistol.



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Tap on the “Claim Robux” button on the top-right.
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Step 5: Check the results

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