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It is a powerful multi-purpose application for macOS that is designed to help you in working with schedules, tasks, contacts, appointments and notes. It also includes support for events and color coding of dates, tasks, notes and meetings. The program also has support for file attachments and…
Introduction to Netop. Included with Vision Pro is a teacher tool called Netop School. This is the primary tool for teachers to use for the classroom. It has an assessment feature that allows students to take a test online. It also has the ability to create and manage quizzes for students to take at the end of a lesson..
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Friday, August 19, 2014

Super Bowl is almost here. This year the “game of the century” is gonna be the 49ers vs the Ravens. What will be the outcome you all ask? I have you covered.

Broncos vs Seahawks. Seahawks because I think they are an all around better team. Broncos because they are the most well rounded team, can run the ball, can throw the ball, and they are well rounded. Seahawks are going to have a tough time containing Peyton.

Jets vs Patriots. Patriots because I think they are going to get embarrassed by the New York Jets who are going to be taking the better Tom Brady from him. Jets are going to have a tough time containing the run game and play defense against the passing game which is what Tom Brady likes to do.

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How to remove ‘.0’ from data returned from MySQL

I am trying to import a CSV file to MySQL. I am using a PHP script to iterate through the CSV file, importing each row into a table.
The problem I am having is the.0 or. in certain rows is getting converted into a literal.0 when imported into MySQL. So, for instance, if the CSV file has a row like this:

When the script imports this, it looks like:

So in the table the value is stored as a string rather than numeric.
I have tried to use the str_replace function but have not had much success.


If your current script has MySQL enabled, I would suggest converting the data first (before starting the import).
For example, this can be done with the command SHOW VARIABLES LIKE “%_%”;.
You should end up with a query similar to:
FROM `table`
WHERE `column`!= ‘1001.0’

You can then then run the import on the filtered table, and the problem should be solved.
If you don’t have MySQL enabled (as mentioned by @Alan), then it might be easier to just iterate through the rows and remove the.0 part of the string.

out of prison.

One of Mandela’s goals was that the new government would grant amnesty to those who had been implicated in the ANC’s struggle. Mandela had believed this would be a more effective way to win people over to the ANC. However, he later realised that this was a mistake.

The new government did not grant amnesty. Those who had been arrested were still in prison.

Mandela wrote to Giorge Mkize, the minister of justice, asking him to release those who were in prison for political reasons. He received no reply.

Mandela then went public with his demand for freedom for those who had been imprisoned. This too was not granted. In this case, he was the one to grant amnesty.

Life in prison

Apart from being away from his family and the outside world, Mandela also found himself in a very small prison cell for the first decade of his imprisonment.

He had little access to education, and was not allowed to read the newspaper. When he was allowed