Portable MS Word Excel.rar

Portable MS Word Excel.rar


Portable MS Word Excel.rar

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.NET 3.5 app, how to embed Crystal reports in the main application?

I have an application (code-behind) which works with Crystal Reports, here’s the code-behind line with the report load:
ReportDocument reportDoc = new ReportDocument();
this.CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = reportDoc;

How do I embed the report in my main form (or app)?
If I just make a new form or page and just set the ReportSource property in the code-behind, Crystal will not appear.


You can use CrystalReports.Web.Crv.DoCmd.DisplayCrv, the crystal report viewer is just a web control and this will give you all the control you need to embed or display the report on the page.

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