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Roblox’s primary focus is to provide a creative environment for users to learn to code at an early age. The platform is designed to allow children to safely create their own games. As of 2018, Roblox has released its own sandbox video game engine that can create games across a wide variety of genres. Many familiar game genres, such as fighting games, go-kart racing games, and adventure games, are included in the software’s stock library. Players can customize their games by choosing from a range of game play features, including visual, audio, and player control options.
Players may create or create a free account on Roblox that enables users to create their own games. The software allows users to customize their games using a set of visual and sound widgets, or through a drag-and-drop interface. These effects can be placed in user-created containers to create custom effects and animations. Roblox also allows players to make their games available for others to play over the network.
Players use a voxel engine to place virtual objects that manipulate or control the player’s environment. Roblox allows players to use multiple connected headsets for increased immersion in the game. Players can customize their virtual world through an available “importer” that allows the creation of custom game maps. Roblox supports both a wide variety of languages and allows for both VR and regular play. Roblox’s geospatial capabilities allow for the creation of non-geospatial games, such as a favorite television show’s opening credits. The platform allows users to program their games from a custom scripting language called Lua.
As of 2016, Roblox supports games of many genres, including adventure games, action-adventure games, action games, crime/thriller games, fighting games, real-time strategy games, and puzzle games. The company also hosts the programming tutorial SplatZ, an in-game programming environment. For the most part, it allows users to create games within the chosen programming language.
As of 2018, Roblox’s primary focus is the creation of a “sandbox” environment. The company states that it is “widely regarded as the most exciting place to play” and offers a “creative playground for developers and gamers to have fun.” Roblox’s stock has experienced substantial growth in the second half of the 2010s. As of August 2019, it had over 164 million monthly active users.
Roblox is free to download and play. Users may use


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