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I have just tried using the latest version (3.5.0) and it has some issues. I think the latest version (4.0.4) has both the crack and the reg key. I tried using this but had to remove a few features. Some radio stations may not work correctly. Software is OK.A chedda as an expression of animism?
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How to authenticate against Single sign on using OIDC as Azure AD

How can I make Azure AD authenticate against an existing Single sign on in a REST API?
The OIDC flow in Azure AD in the authentication section, does not list any endpoint I could use.
This documentation uses a postman, but I don’t understand what I have to do to make it work from my webapp.
Using Azure App Insights, I can see that my single sign on “incoming request” endpoint exists, even if it does not have any endpoint listed in the authentication section of OIDC in Azure AD.


According to the document – Use Azure AD as a trusted client for your API – you need to configure your API to support user authentication using Azure AD. To configure an API that supports user authentication, the following things must be configured:

Then, you can use the application authentication flow to authenticate users.

Secretors and

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matlab – Displacement of images during video recording

I’m working on a project which requires the video recording of my chest from different angles (to measure heart rate) while simultaneously showing the images on the screen, as the patient is breathing.
The recording is done with a webcam and the images are displayed by MATLAB (with the imshow function).
The problem is that when I start the recording, the chest appears really flat and still, so the images don’t change even when I’m breathing. I tried to work around it by using a webcam with a really big (2200×1200) resolution, but the images appear very slowly, so I don’t really get a clear idea of my movement.
How could I record it at the best possible video resolution (small images with fast movement) while still getting a clear idea of my movement?


Use video(cam) in place of imshow, and then play back the video.
Look at cv.
N.B. Note that there are a couple of classes of video decoder that will make it much faster to display the frames.
[M,F] = size(video.frame);
imshow(video.frame); % show

for k = 1:F
% Display frame
cv.imshow(video.frame(k,:)); % Display
pause(0.01); % Pause for a tenth of a second

This loops over each frame and displays it.

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