About us

Driven by research and a passion for science Progressive Healthcare India is a Nutraceutical & Dietary manufacturing company dedicated to the development of innovative product that make a real difference in people‚Äôs lives all over the world. Active in the areas of Sport Person health, we develop Supplement on the body’s own terms. We believe in the power of people and research – and go where ideas and research take us Progressive Healthcare India has its own production facilities in India. Progressive Healthcare India marketing, medical services and sales teams, led by the professional and competent people.  Believing in the power of research Progressive Healthcare India we believe in the power of research and the need to go where the research takes us. We are passionate and curious about science. A pioneering name in the field of manufacturing , supplying and distributing quality ingredients to Nutraceutical and Food Supplement industries, Progressive Healthcare india was incepted in the year 2004. Today, after more than 14 years of our active presence in the industry, we have attained the status of one of the most reputed innovative manufacturer of granulated form of flavoured supplement in the domestic market. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying high quality Flavoured Whey Protein, Soya Protein, Granular Flavoured Creatine, Glutamine, BCCAs, Liquid Amino, and Flavoured Glucose Food Ingredients & Enzymes, and other materials to large industries and marketing Houses.